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Initial investment 1  and annual cost 2  are the two primary factors a company must consider when designing a new process.  The lower those costs, the more competitive your company will be. Currently, there is no alternative but to use inefficient and time-consuming "trial & error" techniques when developing a new system.  The results may be usable but usually require unnecessary time and expense.  System Synthesis' innovative Advanced System Design Procedure ™  and Variable Requirement Scheduling Procedure  methods provide another choice. ASDP and VRSP, generically named "Optimizer", far exceed the capabilities of current design procedures.  Either will likely significantly lower both the initial investment when creating a system and the annual usage cost.

Short-Term Advantage  ASDP or VRSP decreases a company's initial investment by significantly reducing the time required to design a new process.  "Trial & Error" techniques typically consume weeks or months, but our methods typically provide solutions in a day or two.


Long-Term Advantage  The greatest benefit of using ASDP or VRSP is likely to be the repeated savings in annual cost.  Either produces the most cost-effective solution which can save your company significant amounts each year.  In contrast, the current solution typically is marginally efficient and wastes time and money.


These methods combine a top-down evaluation of economic and technological requirements with a bottom-up examination of your situation. Building upon the experience and guidance of real companies, the techniques (pioneered at the MIT affiliated Charles Stark Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, MA) have been significantly expanded and improved by Systems Synthesis, Inc.

1. Initial investment includes system hardware cost plus all engineering, design, installation and de-bugging costs.

2. Annual cost includes the system direct and indirect labor costs, capital recovery of the system investment, and system operating & maintenance costs.


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