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Systems Synthesis, Inc. provides otherwise un-obtainable, but yet straight-forward, solutions to design problems. We can provide assistance in the establishment of answers to certain difficult situations.  Our company also creates,develops and licenses software for the design of cost-effective systems.  Two system design types are now available:  

1. discrete-event processes with consistent hourly requirements (single or combinations)

2. personnel scheduling with variable hourly requirements.

The fundamental process methods were created and initially developed at The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, MA. (originally the Instrumentation Laboratory at M.I.T.), while the variable need procedures have been totally created and developed  by Systems Synthesis.

photo of Dick GustavsonWe also provide consulting for planar four-bar linkage design. Spatial linkages are generally not within our purview.

The company consults on three-dimensional part-mating problems with particular interest in desired chamfer shapes.


The company Founder, President, and Chief Technology Officer, Richard E. Gustavson, has over forty years experience in product design and assembly system design for a wide variety of commercial, medical, industrial and military products. Also utilizing his B.S.E.M.E. (University of Michigan) and M.S.M.E. (Stanford University), he continues to establish methods for synthesis solutions to difficult engineering (and other) problems.  



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